Chance Mccoy

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter 2014- First airplane ride!

Chance took his first airplane ride to Scottsdale over Easter.  We had a great time visiting my Aunt and cousin, Ti! Chance loved hunting for eggs.  I put little snacks in each one!

I've included tons of pictures from the past month or so and various videos.

Chance was dedicated at Life Change Church on Mother's Day 2014

Group picture of all the babies' families who got dedicated

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chance said "mama"!!! Old post from Jan

I just realized this never posted when I wrote it back in jan. 

Music to my years! Chance crawled over to my leg and said mama! I tried to video it a few times and cannot seem to catch it. I will update again when and if I can.  He has already said that dada. And I swear he's been trying to say Bella. 

It's been a couple months!

Chance's 1 year adjusted birthday

Gosh where does the time go??  Lots has been happening around here. Chance is 16.5 months and 13 months adj. 

 We're gearing up for the March of Dimes walk this coming Saturday. Our team: Team Chance Cappelli has raised almost $800!!   There's still time to donate if you'd like:

Chance is a walking machine now!  He's into everything and going everywhere he can. It's lots of fun and keeps me busy. He's babbling like crazy and starting to mimic like crazy!  When he started walking mama and dada went by the wayside. ;-(

RSV season is finally over with. Yay!!!!! So, we've been going to lots of parks and having play dates. I recently joined the coppell mom's club which I'm excited about. We also joined a little music class here in coppell which is super cute!  There's about 5 toddlers all within a couple months of each other. 

Joc as a baby and chance:
Galveston march 2014
Visiting Grammy on her birthday 

We celebrated 1 year of having chance home on march 27, 2014

First time ordering something to eat for
Chance off the menu: quesadillas and enchiladas!!